Hello! And welcome back! I’ve had a very encouraging start to this blogging business and am truly basking in all the wonderful vibes from friends, family and people in support groups who have sent positive and supportive messages overnight and throughout the day to me. Thank-you! Its amazing! And its also a bit odd… Being the sort of person who only posts on Facebook when I’ve got something really important to say, suddenly revealing my plans, hopes and dreams so publicly feels weird, but I have to say, not in a ‘doo-do-doo-do-doo-do-doo-do’ twighlight zone kind of weird way. It’s more buzzy and invigorating! Its GOOD.

So… I promised you goals. GOALS are the topic ‘du jour’. Now this really IS SCARY. When have you ever publicly announced a grand goal to everyone you know (and some), let alone a whole bunch of them?

The last time I did this it was for another business idea. So, I’m feeling like a bit of a knob now aren’t I! Here I am AGAIN, saying I’m going to launch a new business. I can hear sceptics saying lets give her what… 2 months? 3 months?

All I’m asking is 6 months. That’s all.

By the 31st March 2014 I want to be working full-time in and on my business, living the lifestyle I want that puts myself, my passions and my family first. By this date everything will need to be in place which includes getting my business up and running, having a pipeline of work established and handing in my resignation. So I have just over 6 months – 29 weeks – to have everything in place.

So what’s this business idea then Deb? Thanks for asking Deb! So far, my idea is to help women who are running their own small business or starting their own business and need to better define their brand and get their new identity out there and online for the world to notice what they have to offer. I will offer brand and marketing advice, design of their logo, help them to define their style, image and identity and represent this for them online with a website and social media profiles. Some of this I may do myself, other aspects I may partner up with other experts who can do it better than me or who want to do it with me. The main thing that really gets me inspired though is helping these women see their baby, their business that they’ve created and nurtured suddenly blossom and grow an identity of its own which is exactly, if not better, than they had imagined it to be. All the while seeing elements of themselves in it, their passion and their personality popping off the screen and screaming to the world ‘Look at ME!’.

Designing my own brand and identity will be the most nerve wracking project of them all and that will be what I will work on over the next 5 months. The company name is ‘Hers By Design’ – inspired by my desire to help each woman I work with to define her business brand which she will feel is truly hers, by design. And along the way, this journey is going to help this woman talking to you now to discover and live the life that is hers, by design.

A few weeks ago I started a WE Mastermind programme established by my inspiring sister Natalie Sisson and her equally inspiring partner Natalie MacNeil. It’s a 3 month programme designed for women entrepreneurs which aims to coach us through launching a product or service online. This is going to help me kick things off for my business idea, fast track me to my big launch and ensure that I go about it in the right way. I am also connected to a community of supportive women around the world who are on their individual journeys, who I can help and who can help me along the way. I’ve started this programme before but I didn’t complete it, for various reasons… the time wasn’t right then. Recently however I’ve been realising more and more that the time is right – and the time is NOW! There is no denying it – I’m getting many signs!

So the first thing we do in the WE Mastermind programme is ‘set ourselves up with a million dollar mindset’. In the coming weeks I expect I’ll share some of the insights I glean as I start to shift my own mindset. To me this involves thinking positively, believing in myself, injecting some new and positive habits into my daily routine and of course setting some clear goals to achieve this year (and into the next).

So I’m going to share with you what my sister likes to call ‘Big Hairy Audacious Goals’ (BHAGs) that I’ve set for myself while on the programme and beyond which will get me ready to launch ‘Hers By Design’:

BHAGS for Hers By Design 2013

  1. Build a blog that has 50 followers by the end of the year
  2. Build a design portfolio with at least 2 websites and logos by the end of the year
  3. Define my business plan and find a business partner to work with by end of November 2013
  4. Design the Hers By Design brand, logo, website and social media platforms and LAUNCH MY BUSINESS on 3 MARCH 2014

So there you have it! that is my grand plan for the next 6 months. I hope that you’ll stick around for the journey and see where it takes me. I hope that my ramblings, steps, lessons learnt, exercises, new habits, trials and ‘a-ha!’ moments will inspire you in your own journey too.

I’m really keen to hear from anyone about anything to do with following your hearts and dreams. Don’t be shy!

xxx Deb


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