Hello again! So I said I’d talk about milestones. My goals are pretty big and bold, but they’re not unattainable. They’re specific, in terms of having end dates, but without breaking them down into bite sized chunks I have less chance of achieving them on time. On their own they seem a bit daunting but broken into milestones they’re not so scary and by approaching them this way I also get more opportunities to celebrate each time I tick one off the list!

I’m reading (well listening) to the famous book ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill which is well known as the “book that makes millionaires.” It is a powerful tool for focusing your mind and achieving your goals by following the universal principles outlined within it. I listen to it when walking the dog and driving to and from work. I’m repeating many chapters and letting the messages and lessons sink in.

A couple of quotes from this book really resonated with me today, the first was this;

Everything you create or acquire begins in the form of desire. That desire is taken to the workshop of imagination, where plans for its transition are created and organised.”

It is desire that has driven me to this point. Desire for a lifestyle that is mine by my design. Desire to build something from the ground up that financially supports myself and my family, something that I can be truly proud of. Desire to live life on my own terms. For years I have allowed that desire to build and drive my imagination and ideas of how to attain this.

The other quote which ties in with the importance of goals and milestones is;

Ideas can be transmuted into cash through the power of definite purpose plus definite plans”.

I have started with an idea to use my design skills and passion to help women build their brand for their business and get noticed online. The more I’ve focussed on this the more clear my purpose has become. I want to help women like me find the courage and conviction to live their dreams and believe that their dreams can come true. All too often I see women settling for less than they dreamt they would have when they were little girls because they have allowed themselves, people and society to convince them on a deep level that they can’t. Women who have settled for second best or worse still, given up on their hopes and dreams in their work, their talents and their relationships. This really guts me. Its so sad and its so unnecessary. I want to help change these women’s lives. I want to see women take control of their and their families destinies by being the strong souls that they are destined to be and living their true purpose. The way I can do it initially is by helping them with their business and brand and my goals and milestones form just the start of my plans to make this happen.

Here are the Milestones I have set to achieving my BHAGS for Hers By Design 2013

  • Start blogging! Launching my first post after my 40th birthday (Sept) to write everyday with at least 4 posts published per week and to have 40 followers by the end of the WE Mastermind Programme – 31 NOV
  • Register my company and get my books in order (understand what I’m doing with them!) – 30 SEPT
  • Complete my Painted Picture of my life and my business in 2016 and clearly define my services and pricing packages – 14 OCT
  • Grow my network of fellow women entrepreneurs and trade my services with two members within the first two months of joining WE Mastermind – 31 OCT
  • Finish the Mocha Choco Latte Website (that’s my band) – 31 OCT
  • Define the Hers By Design brand, pitch, story, language and some of the core content for my website and other media – 18 NOV
  • Find a new business partner in web development, design and/or marketing/branding – 31 NOV
  • Earn $2,000 by the end of the year from my services offered through Hers By Design Ltd – 31 DEC
  • Complete a website and 2 social media platform pages for a new customer – 30 NOV
  • Design the Hers By Design logo and define my colours, fonts and marketing tag lines – 24 DEC
  • Set my financial goals for the year 2014 and have a pipeline of work established – 31 JAN
  • Design and launch the Hers By Design Website, LinkedIn, Twitter and FB pages – 28 FEB
  • Quit my job on 3 MARCH (which is also our 2 year wedding anniversary!)

So there you have it! Let me know what you think of these. Are they SMART? Are they Specific enough? Are they Measurable? Are they Attainable? Are they Realistic? And are they Timely? I have tried to make sure they are all of these things, but if you see gaps then please point them out. Because your plan is everything, it’s the most important asset you can have.

Temporary defeat should mean only one thing- the certain knowledge that there is something wrong with your plan. Your achievement can be no greater than your plans are sound.” – Napoleon Hill


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