I had a wee break yesterday. I hadn’t received my challenge for the day in my inbox so took that as a sign to have a days rest from writing.

After work I caught up with a friend who’s a very talented singer and songwriter who is all inspired to produce her first album. We are keen to work together and mutually benefit each other in our journeys over the next 6 months. She needs a brand and a website, album artwork etc and I need a client to work with, test and get feedback on my ideas and methods as I form my products and services including building a portfolio of work.

We then went and saw another friend who’s a talented sculptress who had an exhibition of her really unique stone carving creations of ‘unwearable art’. I found myself offering her ideas on how she could make the most of her exposure as she found that despite all the foot traffic outside on their way to see the World of Wearable Art event not many were aware of her creations just metres away inside and unnoticed – her ideal market was walking right past her, what a lost opportunity!

The evenings experiences with these ladies left me feeling that I’m on the right track. While I may not have a Degree in this marketing and branding game, (I have a Degree in Visual Communication Design) I realise more often these days that I’ve picked up ALOT of information and knowledge about starting a business in the past 5-6 years through correspondence study and being involved in entrepreneurial programmes. I realise too that I often don’t give myself enough credit for what I DO know. I need to remind myself that I have ideas that others may not. I have another perspective to offer and I have questions to ask that will help people probe into their own idea/project from different angles. I CAN DO THIS!

It also occurred to me driving home that night that given my own creative interests in singing, music and the arts that perhaps I should specialise even more by targeting and working with women in the creative field who need to build their brand and take their art to the next level. Helping them get mentally and emotionally prepared for the new ‘big step’ into business as well as helping them build a brand that truly encapsulates their work and a web presence that gets them ‘out there’ and noticed by the audiences who need to know about their talents. An idea to ponder over. Then again, I am a multi passionate person and there will no doubt be many other women who I’ll really love to work with because of the women they are and their own fascinating causes, values, beliefs and purposes that we share a passion for.

Anyway! Back to the 30 day blog challenge. I now have my day 2 challenge and that is:

If you woke up tomorrow and were free to do anything you wanted with your life, what would you do and who would you be?

Well what a cool question. Also a bit of a tough one don’t you think? I’m going to approach this by describing a perfect day in the life of me – being my authentic self.

I’d wake up in my beautifully renovated and redecorated home overlooking our gorgeous inlet and would start my day as the suns coming up with sun salutations, stretches and some meditation. After that I’d go down to my organic vege garden and pick out my fresh ingredients for a healthy green juice and drink it on my expansive deck taking in the view and thinking about how truly lucky I am to have the business of my dreams, a full and balanced life and the love of my beautiful big family and treasured friends. I’d then take my dog Toby for a walk up the hill behind our house, spending that half hour focusing on my affirmations and making a mental plan for my day.

Once home I’d shower, join the family for a hearty breakfast and see them all off to work/school/daycare. I’d then spend the morning working on my new product for a few hours while listening to some new songs that I’m going to be rehearsing with my band later in the week. I’d check my bank account and feel truly grateful and overjoyed at the income I made overnight from sales of some more ‘Hers By Design’ online products and from sales of my latest children’s book. I’d check all the site stats of my website, social media platforms and blog and respond to new followers and members.

I’d have an appointment in town with a new client (over lunch) who is looking to rebrand her business and upgrade her website and I’d leave feeling fully energised and full of ideas for her venture. Next I’d head to a speaking engagement at a local high school inspiring teenage girls to believe in themselves and their talents. This is something I do all around the country and is my ‘giving back’ to those who really need it. I always come away from these speaking engagements with my soul feeling satiated and this high propels me through the rest of the day and beyond.

I then pick up my kids from school and hang out with them at home, while creating a fabulous wholesome meal cooked from scratch with many homegrown ingredients. After dinner, the whole family will head down to the water and take our yacht out for an evening sail for a couple of hours. Finally after all that sea breeze and the kids are in bed, I’ll spend some quality time with my husband discussing plans for our next holiday abroad before seeing to some admin, emails and preparing for the day ahead. Then will sleep soundly knowing I’m living the life I was destined to live!

What would your perfect day be like and what kind of person would you be if you could be anything?

  1. Fiona Buchet

    What a cool perfect day 🙂 And I think you’re on the right trackk with helping creative people get on track, creatives are notoriously scatty and need someone with a business/entrepreneurial mind to bring balance to their creative energy, and give it some direction and validation. Nice one Deb!


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