The last two ’30 Day Blog Challenge’ questions are quite closely related so I’m going to combine them in one post. (So I’m editing this post people!)

Which key tools will you turn to regularly to maintain your mindset and how will you use them effectively?

I’ve taken some baby steps this week towards forming new habits that I feel are going to be really beneficial for me moving forward on this journey.

  • I’ve started doing sun salutations first thing in the morning. Not many and not for too long, I’m easing my way into it but it does feel lovely to stretch out, extend my back, hold strong poses and breathe deeply doing these for 5-10 minutes. I have a DVD to follow when at home and an iPhone app for when I’m on the road so there’s no excuses.
  • I’ve started meditating. I follow my yoga routine by going upstairs to the guest room where it’s quiet and away from everyone (still stirring in their beds) and I play a meditation on my headphones. I’m starting with a 21 day meditation challenge on my iPhone. They’re also only about 10 minutes. This really does invigorate and leave me feeling awake, alert and connected with myself and the world. I have some other meditation apps to try as well and a DVD. I’m going to try different techniques till I find something that really clicks.
  • I walk my dog Toby up the hill on a half an hour loop walk. I use this time to think about who I am becoming. I focus on what I’m desiring and wanting to achieve and I focus on making myself feel good about myself. I fill my thoughts with positive self affirming messages and I think about my goals and my baby steps towards them. I dream about where I see myself in a year, 2 years, 3 years from now and it inspires me even more. This exercise is easy to do and it’s fun! It’s something I’ve picked up from Think and Grow rich and I’m thinking of recording my own motivational 30 minute recording tailored to me that I can listen to on these walks. I can be my very own Tim Robbins!
  • The Think and Grow Rich audio book is on my iPhone. It is played every time I’m in the car (which is about an hour a day) and it is so inspiring and full of a wealth of information that it takes several readings for it all to sink in. This is going to be an important tool for me and I’m open to following it as prescribed to prove that it can actually work. I am up for the challenge!

I’ve also starting exercising more regularly. This won’t always be a daily routine but it will factor more in my lifestyle, it’s good to be active again!

What are my three priorities for the next 30 days that will move me closer towards living life on my own terms?

So, what are the 3 things I’m going to do this month that will really kick start my goals and build the necessary skills I need to move me closer to ‘living life on my own terms’?


These new habits are going to continue to be one of my priorities this month. The meditations in particular are going to be really beneficial to me because I know I’m going to find a lot of my answers and form the details of my plans by tapping into my imagination in this way.

‘Connecting in’ is something I’ve been putting off or finding excuses not to do (usually to do with time) and I’ve acknowledged this. I’m not exactly sure why I’ve been shunning this as I really WANT to, perhaps I’ve been scared? Scared of what exactly I don’t know. It feels really good to be doing it now and I’m determined to build it into my daily routine.

The half hour walk where I’m focusing on building myself up and dreaming my future into being is also a very powerful exercise that I will definitely keep up. Every time I do this I believe it more and more. The more I mix belief/faith with my thoughts the more they will manifest. Thinking something over and over is not enough. You need to believe it and think it with emotion and feeling, otherwise the thought or message does not make it to your subconscious mind. It’s your subconscious mind that can really make things happen for you in your life – good or bad. It all depends on what dominating thoughts that you think with strong emotion get through to it. This is a key lesson I’ve learned through the ‘Think and Grow Rich’ book I’m reading.

It’s a bit scary to think that if you don’t consciously feed your subconscious mind with emotive positive thoughts that it’s no wonder that the negative thoughts that we can have, which we often really feel and believe, get through and shape our destiny, often creating circular destructive patterns in our life. The whole “nothing good ever happens to me” story perpetuates because thats what you think and what you feel and so it is.

What dominating thoughts do you have, that you truly believe, that could be impacting your life?


My other key focus which is going to get me closer to ‘living life on my own terms’, is working on and completing the website for the dance covers band that I’m a cofounder of; “Mocha Choco Latte”. We are relatively new on the Wellington scene and are serious about becoming a sought after band for corporate events, weddings and parties. We have a great logo and image that I’ve been the brainchild of and now the next step is to get us ‘out there’ online.

While design is something I have a background in, web design is a relatively new skill and one that I need to hone and practice. This absolutely needs to be my focus in the next 30 days.


Finally, my third priority will be to reach out to my mastermind groups who I’m connecting with online (they’re my ideal market as they’re all women entrepreneurs) and start surveying them about what they needed or still need when starting out with regards to their brand and their websites. What did they struggle with? How easy was it to get help? What did that help cost them? How was the consultation? What were the results like? Are they happy with the products they received? Were they happy with the service? Would they do it that way again? What did they learn from the whole process? What couldn’t they find/achieve/solve that they wished (or thought) they could have? Are there common problems that my business could solve?

If you have any ideas or thoughts on this topic I’d be very keen to hear from you too!


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