This is the 9th post in a series of blog posts as part of The Suitcase Entrepreneur’s 30 Day Blog Challenge.

Whose online business do you admire most and why?

Wow, this is where I ask myself the question “Where the hell have I been hiding all these years?!”. There are soooooo many entrepreneurs out there in the inter web it’s just incredible. It seems everyone has something to say and while there is a lot of ‘noise’ there are a few people who I can see are nailing it. There will be loads more that I’ll find as time goes on. I’m following a few people so I guess people are making impressions with me or I feel they are well aligned with what I’m doing. But I feel like a bit of a dick because I’m only just starting out in discovering them.

The first person (and it goes without saying) is my sister Natalie Sisson. I have watched her website and blog The Suitcase Entrepreneur and her career in entrepreneurship build from the ground up. She did it with tenacity, balls (she’s got big balls for a chick) and a ‘kick butt’ attitude. She’s had ups and downs and being family I may have seen more of the downs, but she’s always picked herself up again, surrounded herself with the support she needs, refueled and just keeps going (like an Energizer Bunny!).

This year she became a bestselling author of The Suitcase Entrepreneur book, such an incredible milestone for her and a truly great treasure trove of all her knowledge and experience bundled together.

I’m so immensely proud of what she’s achieved. If it wasn’t for Nat proving to me that it can be done I’d still probably be stuck in recurring patterns of inaction and lack of control over my own destiny. She has inspired me to grab this with both hands and go for it and she continues to support me on my journey too which I really appreciate. Love you sis!

Other people I’ve signed up to and follow are:

Natalie MacNeil from She Takes On The World who I follow as a result of her project with Natalie Sisson creating the WE Mastermind Programme that I’m doing at the moment. She’s taking off alright in a big way with her new Conquer Club programme going “glocal”. (Not a typo). Look her up!

Corbett Barr from Think Traffic – I need to read more but I like what I’ve read so far in this great article Write Epic Shit!

Marie Forleo is another hugely successful and inspiring entrepreneur and business woman who has her own Marie TV (very funny and inspiring) and famous training programme B-School. She’s featured on Oprah and that’s making it big in my eyes.

Leonie Dawson has a following of 32,000 women which is pretty impressive too. She has a real spiritual focus which is fascinating to me and its encouraging to know she’s connected with so many women, it gives me hope and courage that I can introduce more of this side of me in my work.

I follow Kate Byrne who created Betty Means Business last year. She was an accountability buddy in the WE Mastermind and she launched in a monumental way. I love her brand and really clear vision. I really align with her values too and enjoy her focus on creative women in business.

I also follow Cigdem Kobu who inspired me to consider the personalised approach to working with each client. She focuses on working with introverts who want to start their own business – what a clever niche! She spent an inspiring year interviewing 2 creative people a week and so has built up an incredible amount of great blog content and other resources.

People I’ll be sure to check out in the future:

A guy my sister has often talked about is Chris Guillebeau whose claim to fame is travelling to every country in the world by the time he was 35. Thats quite a feat!

Amy Porterfield for online and Facebook marketing tips and tricks.

Seth Godin, tim Ferris plus many more… not that I have much time for reading but I’m trying!

This weekend I felt frustrated and unfocussed. There’s so much I need to do and I find it hard to know where to start. Its a vicious circle… but to focus on the positive;

  • I did have an inspiring call with my accountability buddies from the WE Mastermind programme.
  • I did get a survey out to my networks asking for their experiences with designing their brand and website!

Are you a woman in business for yourself wanting the best web design to showcase your brilliance? If you are then please take the best 10 minutes of your life to answer these important questions so I can help you do that!

Please take my survey and please share it with other women who fit the bill 🙂

Would love to hear from you!


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