Day 14 of the 30 Day Blog Challenge is all about ‘How to Build a Blog That Matters and Monetize it’ featuring an inspiring podcast interviewing Jaime Tardy, creator of the highly popular blog and podcast Eventual Millionaire. Check her out – she’s great! She’s interviewed hundreds of millionaires and is sharing their secrets in her  podcasts and products.

I started this blog as a diary of my journey over the next 6 months to starting my own business. I also thought it would be a great way to keep me accountable to myself by being public about my goals. No one wants to look like a loser right? I hope that what I’m writing about, which is basically all the stuff I’m working through and learning, is going to be of use to other people and perhaps even inspire some people who are thinking of doing this for themselves.

What I’m starting to realise is that my blog can and will be even more powerful once I’ve launched my business as it’s going to be a key way of connecting with potential customers, like-minded people who are in similar life directions, similar industries and with those who I want to collaborate with professionally.

So I’ve asked myself 3 key questions:

why does my blog exist?

Currently it exists for the reasons I stated above. In the future it will grow into a forum where I will talk more about the topics close to my line of business such as:

  • Talking about client projects I’ve been working on or have completed/launched, this will be the promotion side to my blog which I hope will interest potential customers as I give an insight into how I work through the process with different individuals.
  • Creative design, the process, trends, amazing/inspiring designs and designers, handy tips, golden rules etc.
  • Branding, the process, things to think about, questions to ask, how to research, defining your market, interviews with branding experts etc.
  • WordPress, finding the right templates, how to manage your site, customising themes, plug-in reviews, tips and tricks, recommended themes and developers etc.
  • Entrepreneurship, managing small businesses, overcoming challenges, the secrets of top entrepreneurs/millionaires, interviews etc.

Some of these may fall off as I hone in on what my audience really wants to read about and what I’m most passionate about too.

who is going to read my blog?

I guess I’m not sure yet who is going to follow my blog but I would hope and aim for:

  • Existing happy customers
  • People wanting to build an online presence for their existing business or for themselves
  • Women looking to start a small business
  • Women already running a small business
  • People learning about graphic design and branding
  • People learning more about using WordPress
what makes me special?

I like to think I’m a pretty straight up and honest person and I want to write with integrity too. I don’t want to censor myself and I want to share experiences, thoughts and feeling that people really identify with because they see themselves in my words.

I want to cut the crap out of over-exhausted theories and methods. I want to keep it real and be straight up with people and get straight to the point, sticking to ‘keep it simple – stupid’ as my motto.

I’m an empathetic, caring, sharing person who loves to coach, inspire and advise people who are open to recieving. My advice and approach to all my work will come from the heart always.

So the question for this blog post challenge is:

What are two key ways you could use the habits of a millionaire to monetize your blog in the next month?

One of the habits of millionaires that Jamie Tardy shares with us is ‘Continuous Forward Motion’. Doing a little bit everyday leads to progressive growth. In respect to writing and producing quality blog posts and building an audience, this means writing everyday. I also need to read everyday. Really this habit applies to disciplining yourself in progressive growth everyday and applying to every aspect of your personal and professional goals in life. Mentally, physically, spiritually, financially, emotionally doing a little everyday to grow in all areas of life.

Mine are: Exercise everyday, eat well everyday, meditate/connect everyday, read a bit everyday, connect with people everyday, have quality time with family everyday, express love everyday, be creative everyday, encourage myself everyday, focus on who and where I want to be everyday and making a mantra of that end goal and repeating it – everyday.

Another habit is the ‘No Excuses Approach’. We all have them, even those really successful people, they still get caught out with making excuses. I want to eliminate phrases like:

I can’t because…
I’ll try but…
I really want to but…
I’m too busy…
I don’t have the skills/experience…
I don’t have enough money…
I don’t have enough time etc…  

You’ve heard these all too often right? We often recognise other peoples excuses, but do we catch ourselves out as much? I want to work on consciously eliminating these words and phrases from my vocabulary and instead find out how I can achieve whatever it is I seem to think I can’t. Think outside the box. Ask for help or advice. Get other perspectives. But DON’T GIVE IN TO THE EXCUSES!

What are your pet peeve excuses? Either your own or ones you hear other people use often that really irk you? What could you change to eliminate them from your vocabulary?


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