I’ve been away for a few days, things have been pretty busy here! This weekend was a long weekend here in NZ and much of it was spent with my band. We were working with a new sound system, learning to set it up, get the levels right for everyone, pack it down, move it and set it up again etc. We had two gigs in one day!

It was also a great opportunity to get some professional photos done and Ivy Vena of My Heart His Wings did a fantastic job of bringing out our essence in the beautiful shots she created! She is a woman in a line of business that is very much aligned with my own. She is about 6 months ahead of me in that she has recently gone from amateur to pro and left her job to work on her photography business full time. She’s a very inspiring woman! The photos she took are stunning, one of them I have decided to feature on my About page.

The next topic in the 30 Day Blog Challenge is

Why you need an Email List (and how to build your own)

This is an area in which my thinking has really changed over the past year.

I hate an over cluttered inbox with too many promotional subscriber emails creating noise. More often than not I don’t even open them, they’re instantly deleted. Or I leave them unread, waiting for a miraculous day to come where I have nothing better to do than read through old mail which I thought, 3 months ago, might be an interesting read at some stage if only I had the time. Some come through daily or several times a week. Others pop up at far more respectable intervals.

However, the point is, these are not spam. At some stage I have ‘opted in’ to hear from this person or company and I can at any point ‘opt out’, and I periodically do when my need for information in various areas changes over time.

So how do I feel about becoming one of these noisy emails that causes clutter and that people delete and don’t even read? Well, when I put it like that, not that great actually…

So why is it considered important for me to do this then? It’s all about connecting and being visible to people. People who could become potential customers or refer others to me in the future. The more I pop up in peoples inboxes I am noticed, even if I’m not read, I’m still there. My name sticks. If people don’t want to hear from me they can opt out. If they do, they can receive inspiring and useful advice, learnings and tips from me that are relevant to a topic they’re interested in which is why they signed up to hear from me in the first place.

So in short, I need to get over myself and not think of my emails as a nuisance. On the contrary, I intend to share more quality information and content as I build my own knowledge and experience in the areas of branding, design, web design and social media platforms as well as sharing the ups and downs, tips and techniques that I try out and adopt which keep me focussed, motivated and inspired.

Now for a step towards ‘getting over myself’:

If you want to hear about when I submit a new post on this blog and are interested in hearing from me in the future, then please click on the Follow button/tab at the bottom of the page or of the Home page. If you sign up you’ll get the blog post emailed to you and in the future I may reach out about other topics or offers that I think may interest you.

I have a goal to have 40 followers of my blog by the end of November! Will you help me reach that goal?


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