Day 16 of the 30 Day Blog Challenge covers the topic ‘Why You Should Hire For Growth and Your Long-Term Vision’ and poses the question:

How will you build a team around your vision and work smart instead of hard?

I don’t expect to be able to do all this on my own and I’m realistic enough to realise that I don’t have all the skills in all the areas needed to run a company single-handedly. I’ve done a lot of homework over the past few years, a lot of self reflection and have heard all the horror stories.

I plan to have a lot of key people involved in my business and helping me on this journey but I don’t plan to take them all on as permanent employees.

First and foremost I need a team of people who I touch base with regularly who are ‘already walking the walk’, that’s right, I need mentors, coaches and mastermind groups!


I will connect with people who are already living the dream and who have already ‘figured it out’ and I’ll learn from and apply their wisdom and strategies. These lessons, along with my unshaken faith and strong desire to have the success, freedom and abundance that I want in my life is going to help fast-track me there!

I’ll also have coaches when I need them and a mastermind group made up of accountability buddies who I’ll connect with weekly. We’ll keep track of the details and the milestones that I’ve carefully planned, which are the vehicle that’s shooting me along the track!

I already connect fortnightly with an amazing Mastermind Group of women in NZ and Australia and I get so much out of it, it’s definitely something I’ll continue with as it’s so powerful and very supportive. We can trade services to in order to help each other achieve our goals.

My Team

I will learn how to build my company with no full-time employees on the payroll, but with several people who work on a contract basis and sometimes, on commission for work that results in recurring passive income.

I plan to outsource work to virtual assistants in places like India and the Philippines, where I get quality work done at a fraction of the cost. These people will make up the core of my team and will eventually include (but not necessarily straight away):

  • Virtual assistant helping with all my website,newsletter write ups, blog posts, administration and marketing work
  • Designers (contractors) I’ll have key designers that I like to work with who are aligned to my values and way of working, who could be based anywhere in the world
  • Web developers (contractors) for when I need something special to be coded or my client has specific requirements around fixing what they already have
  • Book keeper and Tax Agent (one off fees for time) I have a Tax Agent who will take care of my tax returns each year and a very close friend who will help me (at least initially) setting up my book-keeping systems

I will work hard at systemising everything I do in my business. There will be manuals and video guides for doing just about everything. This will make transitioning tasks from one person to another almost effortless on my part.

I have been working on a ‘Painted Picture’ of my company and I will share this with anyone who is going to work with me in Hers By Design because it is a strategic vision of my company 3 years from now and includes all my goals, what we do, why we do it, what our values are and much more! I will share this Painted Picture with my team and we will revisit it regularly. It will keep them motivated and inspired to be a part of something with so much heart and they’ll feel completely integral to our success.

We will use online cloud based tools where everything we are working on can be shared, accessed, updated from anywhere in the world and people will know exactly what’s going on at any given time.

I will touch base with my team one on one and as a group several times a week or more, depending on workload. I’ll give them clear guidelines and with my great systems in place I’ll be able to leave them empowered to do the job they need to.

I’m intent on helping them progress in their careers and I’ll proactively encourage their growth even if that means that they move away from Hers By Design.

I’ll never be afraid to step in and take on my teams work if there is a need and I’ll lead my team by example through showing them my work ethic, my clarity of purpose and my constant support and encouragement.

Where applicable, my team will benefit from commissions from on-going recurring passive income projects that they are involved in such as WordPress Theme designs that are sold as Hers By Design products. I’ll share my companies growth with them because I know that they will fully invest themselves in my company as result of this respected partnering approach.

If you are keen on seeing my Painted Picture I’m happy to share it with you! Sign up as a follower of this blog and when I receive your email I’ll drop you a line and send it through!

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