Welcome back! Todays post is for Day 17 of the 30 Day Blog Challenge and is about ‘How to engage your tribe online by building trust and providing value’.

Natalie believes the secrets to engaging online and building trust while providing value are:

Stay true to your values and stick to focusing on why you do what you do

How true. No one is going to trust in my ability to help them in building a brand that captures their essence or helping them create a strong website and online presence if I am spreading my focus too wide and am out there talking about other topics, such as building a business sales funnel, or sharing time management tips etc. I’ll leave that to the entrepreneurs like my sister Natalie Sisson who’s already doing a kick-ass job at that!

My business Hers By Design is all about ‘Creating from the Heart with You in Mind’ so that is where my focus will stay. I’m in the business of helping people get clear about what their unique gifts and special talents are that give them passion and purpose. I’ll do this by sharing my unique methods and ideas to help them design their brand and their unique look and feel, to accentuate their true essence. I’ll also help them find cost effective tools and ways to develop and maintain their own websites and tips and techniques to easily create a powerful presence online with social media. I’ll teach my motivated customers the skills they need to take what we co-create and put it ‘out there’ by maintaining an active web presence and living their ‘brand’ every day.

I will blog and write about topics that tie in with these core aspects of my business. Topics such as:

  • connecting in with yourself
  • creativity
  • intuition
  • finding your essence
  • listening to your heart
  • understanding what your unique gifts and special talents are
  • branding techniques
  • personality types
  • web design fundamentals
  • how to develop your own website
  • how to manage your website
  • how to get more from your website
  • how to create a strong online presence etc.

I’ll aim to be memorable. To write about topics that will stick in peoples minds because they’re different or thought provoking and action provoking!

I’ll always aim to have a real voice and be authentic. I’ll say what other people are thinking but dare not say. I’ll put myself out on the edge because I know it’s on those outer limits where the magic happens and opportunities lie waiting.

All the while, my online and written style must stay true to mine and my businesses values which are:

  • Respect – Always keeping peoples ‘Hearts in Mind’
  • Keeping It Real – cut the crap and say it like it is
  • Down To Earth – Grounded approach, earthy language
  • Keeping It Simple – getting to the core of whats important, clean simple design, demystifying the hype
  • Gut Instinct – Listen to Inner Voice, exercise intuition, always go with your gut
  • The Good Life – Living Simply, Do It Yourself, Homemade, Traditions, Quality, Family & Love.
  • Souls Purpose – Finding my ‘something important’ to share with the world.

Please tell me – How do these values resonate with you? I’d love to hear from you!

Turn up and do the work that matters for the people that matter

The only way people are really going to connect with me is if they see me for who I really am, no holding back – and that is all down to me and allowing myself to truly ‘be seen’. This is something many people find hard to to do.

It’s a scary thing to put yourself out there because you leave yourself vulnerable, vulnerable to judgement, to people putting you down or trying to hurt or sabotage you in some way.

Know that you will always be judged. Know that many people will try to put you down to make themselves feel better, out of envy or spite. Know that some people will go so far as to try to hurt or sabotage you.

Know this… and do it anyway. 

You may not have the power to stop them, but you have the ability to control how others actions and words impact you. Know that for every person who doesn’t connect with you there are plentiful others who love and support you and who truly resonate with your essence and your message.

Don’t deny them the unique gifts and talents that you can share!

– Debra Rock-Evans

The flip-side of this ‘leaving yourself vulnerable’ is that you also leave yourself open, open to connecting with the people who really ‘get you’ and they are the people that you really want to connect with anyway.

So I won’t be afraid to put myself out there, I won’t ‘water things down’ to make them more palatable to the masses because the people I want to work and connect with are those who also want to stand out, shine and be different, so they will not care for wishy washy messages.

I believe that having a clear direction with my blog and a distinct message that comes through consistently will be really important and that the content I’m providing really matters. I’ll ask my community what they want or need to know about, I’ll ask them what their problems are, then I’ll try to find the answers and share these with them.

I’ll ‘turn up and do the work’ with women who want to be involved in this fun and introspective creative process that I’ll take them through.

I want to work with people who don’t fit into boxes. I want to work with people who want to stand out and shine.

I work one to one with women who are like-minded and value my ‘why’, who are open-minded to my amazingly simple techniques and who are 100% committed to the inner journey and sharing their deepest thoughts, dreams and fears with me.

If they don’t want to ‘turn up and do the work’ themselves, then I might not be the right solution for them. What you get out of the process of creating your brand and design is all relative to the effort and thought that you put in. I’m committed to helping women who want to help themselves and to a certain extent, do a lot of the work themselves as part of the process.

Show up and be consistent so that people know you’re around for the long haul

This is about being active online, building my community, blogging regularly, connecting with my customers, followers and subscribers regularly, sharing my latest work with my audience on my website regularly, guest posting and interviewing regularly and sharing inspirational stories about women doing what they truly believe they are meant to be doing – regularly.

I will connect with my community online via my blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and whatever other social media platforms are the current rage. Connecting, responding, reaching out and asking my community to spread the word will encourage more sharing.

Falling off the face of the earth for a month or so because I’m having a bad patch is not an option. The more I connect, the more real I am about my own ups and downs, the more my community will identify with me and support me. What did I say in my quote above about denying people the unique gifts and talents that you can share? There is always something positive to be gained by negative events, even if it’s someone else’s gain.

Be your very best self and do your very best work for others.

I feel absolutely on purpose as I’m creating a lifestyle and a business that is mine by design. I’m following my heart and deciding I want fulfilment, satisfaction, value and freedom in my life. I feel totally invigorated and amped about working with entrepreneurs and women in business to make their dreams happen, even as my own dreams are unfolding.

I’m working on being the best I can be by introducing new habits and exercises that focus on me. I start every day with ‘me time’ for at least an hour. I do yoga stretches and sun salutations, I meditate and I take the dog for a walk listening to my own inspiring ‘pep talk’ which includes being grateful for all that I have, self affirming statements designed to boost my self confidence and time manifesting the woman I want to become. I come away with 3 key things to achieve that day to bring me closer to my goals.

I’m staying true to my purpose because I’m constantly connecting in and becoming more sure about what my purpose is and the journey I am here to take.

I will not be happy until my customer is happy. I am a perfectionist by nature and won’t ever put out work that is not my best work. If I don’t have the skills it takes to produce what needs to be produced then I’ll enlist help from pros and gurus in those areas. I’ll always strive to deliver the most efficient, quality service I can and deliver more than expected.

With my blogs I won’t publish some crap just for the sake of publishing something. No one else is going to hold me to my own goals that I have in my head about how many posts I should do a week, its only me that will be bothered if I don’t achieve that, but my community would just be irritated by a crappy rushed or thoughtless post.

So to wrap up this post, the challenge or questions for this topic that have been posed to me are:

What three steps can you take to build trust and credibility online for you, your brand and your business?

Above I’ve already mentioned the many things I can do over time and some that I’m already doing to build trust and credibility online for me, my brand and my business, however below I’ve specified 3 things I can do as ‘next steps’:

  1. I’ve certainly realised that blogging about my journey without any real plan is not a great plan moving forward and that I had may as well start planning some direction for my blog post topics. So I’m going to start a Blog Schedule spread sheet and get a plan in action!
  2. I’m going to get more active on other people’s blogs and get out there online and find my community. They will be out there, looking for information and participating in forums where I can help them and offer advice. If I do this consistently and they like what they hear, they’ll come and check me out.
  3. I’m going to build my Facebook page and use Twitter more (come connect with me!) even though I don’t have my own brand yet; I have me, I have a name and I have a mission. So the more I get out there in social media the more people will discover my blog and will learn about what I do and how I can help.
  4. I’m going to move my blog onto my own domain!

If you like this post then please share it with people who you think will be interested in what I’m doing here.

Also, you can ‘follow’ this blog by clicking the button at the bottom of each page.

Connect with me on Twitter and look out for that Facebook page!

Thanks for reading 🙂

  1. Fiona Buchet

    I love that inspirational quote, it very much relates to me and I’m gonna print it out and stick it on my wall! Thanks 🙂


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  4. cheffykandca

    I’ve been watching a friend get more and more publicity for the amazing work he is doing. But, with the kudos have also come a few naysayers and nastiness. It’s painful. I just read part of this out loud to him. In order to follow his heart’s desire, he will have to keep putting himself out there, and that’s scary! It’s amazing what one nasty comment can do to one’s sense of reality, at least for a moment. But, the connections that have come from letting his light shine really have far outweighed the tough stuff. Great reminder. I need to be fearless, too!


    1. Debra Rock-Evans

      Glad you shared it! I also received some nasty feedback this week, if I really took it on board (and granted it’s easier said than done) I’d go mad I’m sure! One persons opinion is exactly that ONE persons OPINION. Was that person his ideal audience or ideal customer? I very much doubt it, in which case, keep doing what you’re doing because it’s working for the other people who support him and want to hear more. It’s human nature for us to latch onto negative comments and let them define us. We need to consciously work at changing that.


  5. Connie

    You gave me a lot to think about for my business. After reading this post, I created a step where I ask myself before I publish, how does this article or blog speak to my brand or audience? I love how you defined in great detail the gift you bring to the world. Your values speak to me strongly. Again, another good thing for me to think about adding to mine. Define your brand. Know your values. Don’t allow fear to interfere with where you are going. And Most Importantly, Connect with your audience. Love it! Thank you for this wonderful read.


  6. Jesicka Labud

    Debra, very cool blog design! Wait and is Natalie really your sister!? Wow! I have three sisters and I love sisterhood in general. How awesome you guys are both rocking the blogging world now.

    I love your sentences “I’ll say what other people are thinking but dare not say.” and “Cut the Crap, say it like it is…” This is truly a real fear for many bloggers I think, including myself. Sometimes we keep it safe and try to stay “P.C.” but when I really think about it, blogs that are authentic and really REAL intrigue me the most, so I don’t know why I am so scared to do this myself sometimes! Thanks for the inspiration.


    1. Debra Rock-Evans

      Hi Jesicka, yes the sisters are doing it – as are you! I love your website and blog and your mission! What a captivating story 🙂 I read some bold statements in your posts so I think you’re doing just fine at communicating from the heart and uncensored. I guess its about reading your post before publishing and checking that how you really feel and what you really believe is coming across authentically. You’re so right about truly authentic blogs being the ones that you love to read, everything else is just regurgitated same ol same ol. Thanks for dropping by!


  7. elleyess

    Thank you for sharing, Debra. I’m in branding and marketing myself and could not agree with you more on keeping your brand and essence authentic and true to who you are and what you’re building. Consumers, readers and followers can quickly discern between a front and a genuine identity. Thank you for sharing the tenets of great blogging, business building, branding and living life in general!


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