I’ve been away for a while and I feel so guilty!

Why? Despite not having written any new posts in this time I’ve still had plenty of visitors to my blog and many of them will be catching up with posts they haven’t read yet. But the activity reminded me that I have an audience, albeit a small one at the moment but an audience nonetheless and I can’t let my audience down by disappearing for weeks on end. I spoke about this in my post Engaging My Tribe under the section SHOW UP AND BE CONSISTENT SO THAT PEOPLE KNOW YOU’RE AROUND FOR THE LONG HAUL.

It’s been almost 2 weeks with no writing, no blog posts and it feels strange.  Yet I’ve only recently formed this habit of writing at all. How quickly a habit can form! 21 days in fact. While I didn’t write every day it still became a conscious part of my weekly routine.

The past 2 weeks have been busier than usual and I suppose this is to be expected as we build up to Christmas, the silly time of the year, life in general, is ramping up. Excuses? I really try not to make excuses. I’m very aware that excuses are a form of shifting responsibility away from myself and onto other people, situations and circumstances. They are the number one symptom of procrastination! They are annoying to listen to and they achieve nothing for you personally, so no… I’m not going to make excuses.

Was it a break? Yes that’s more the reason for not writing, a small break was needed and a regroup with myself about what I’m doing, how I’m going and looking at what I need to change.

First of all, and incase you’re wondering, I’ve decided not to finish the 30 Day Blog Challenge because the last week of the challenge was all about topics pertaining to running your business from anywhere and especially while travelling and my business is not a ‘run it from anywhere’ kind of business so I didn’t see the relevance for me. However the previous weeks that I completed I found really beneficial, I learned a lot of things and it got me thinking about areas of my business I may not have thought about this early on. It also helped a few other people too by reminding them of a few points which is GREAT!

I can absolutely see the point in thinking strategically from day one and keeping that strategy in mind, refreshing it when needed and maintaining that high level direction to guide my focus when circumstances around me change.

A significant change that has happened for me since I last wrote is that I’ve negotiated a 4 day work week with my very flexible employer. This day off is in fact a ‘day on’ working on my business each week – a significant move in the right direction! I’m already noticing the difference a whole day can make to achieving the things I need to. Its very exciting!

I’ve also come to realise that this whole blogging thing is actually consuming more of my focus and time than it should be and that trying to crack out 4 posts a week is a bit of a mission on top of all these other goals to get my business off the ground. Then there’s working 32 hours a week and my music commitments as well as family life. Not an excuse – a reality! The blogging was starting to detract my attention from my goals rather than support my journey as it was intended. So this short hiatus from writing has helped me gain some clarity and make some important decisions:

  1. I’ve decided I’m going to concentrate on writing and posting quality content once a week
  2. I’ve decided on a project to blog about!

However you’re going to have to wait a bit before I announce what it is. Why?

Because I like creating suspense!


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