Think and Grow Rich
Think and Grow Rich

So what’s this project you’re on about Deb?

It’s more like a Mission. I wonder if you think I should choose to accept it?

I’ve been quite taken with the book that I’ve mentioned in several posts ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill. So taken with it in fact that I’ve adopted many of the daily exercises and suggestions that he makes already. I’m intrigued as to how many people this book has helped over the years and whether all the principles do in fact work. He asks the reader to adopt the ‘faith of a child’ and do what is prescribed in the book, applying all the 13 principles and not leaving out one single thing, in order to achieve your hearts desires. There are so many things to think about and build into your life that this instruction in itself isn’t an easy task, however the concept intrigues me…

I’m sure that many people have actually done all that Napoleon Hill says you ‘should do’ in order to achieve your goals and desires and attain all that it is that you want in life. I’m sure many people have been influenced by this famous book and owe much of their success to it’s concepts, but did they follow it all in it’s entirety? Is that really necessary? Or did they follow some of the steps and still achieve success? Think & Grow Rich was published 76 years ago. Do these concepts even apply now? These are questions I’d like to test and find the answers to.

There are of course millions of people in the developed world who have read the book and who claim that it doesn’t work, thinking that they’ve not become rich so therefore the principles don’t work. Personally I believe that people who claim this were either

  • not at a point in their life where they were ready to digest the principles and understand the ‘secret’ and
  • didn’t put any of the instructions in ACTION.

After all, there are many inspiring books out there but as soon as you turn the last page and put it down, if you don’t start to take action and use the content to good effect then it will soon become just another inspirational book that made you feel good for a while but didn’t really work.

Napoleon Hill has many case studies in his book, because he spent 20 years interviewing all the great and successful people of his time in order to form his theory and methods that all stemmed from the secret that Andrew Carnegie shared with him. He claims in the book that:

This book contains the secret, after having been put to a practical test by thousands of people, in almost every walk of life.

I wonder if anyone has ever publicly announced that they will endeavour to prove if the theory is sound or not? Has anyone stood up and said “I will be the guinea pig!”? If you have then I would love to hear from you!

Is that what I am proposing to do?

Why yes it is!

My Mission should I choose to accept it

To work through the Think and Grow Rich book, sharing with you all the Principles outlined in the book and following all the instructions, to prove over time if this book truly does change lives and help people to achieve their wildest dreams and attain riches that they desire.

Of course a challenge like this could take a good many years to complete. How do you work out when you’ve reached your pinnacle of success? How long do you give yourself to reach it? Some of the case studies in the book persevered for decades before they struck their gold. How do you prove what it was that you have not done or followed correctly which has caused you to fail or to not yet succeed? I guess it is revisiting the book and it’s lessons over and over again so that it becomes obvious to you as well as being very honest with yourself of course.

As well as sharing my own experiences on this journey I will also be on the hunt for successful people who have proven that the principles have merit and will connect with and interview those who have applied the lessons from Think and Grow Rich to share their experiences with me so that I can share their stories with you.

Will people be interested in tracking this journey? Surely I can’t blog about this forever? Well no of course not and I’d not expect to. I do however expect to cover all the chapter’s key lessons and quotes and then share with you how I apply these lessons as I go and how others have done this in the past. Perhaps my readers will question me and share their opinions on whether I’m on track, or where I have missed a point or a valid learning. Perhaps my readers will read the book and join me on this journey of self discovery, wouldn’t that be something incredible!

So do you think I should accept this mission?

Am I setting myself up for failure? Perhaps you think this is not measurable or won’t prove anything. Perhaps you believe it really will work and you’re keen to find out how. Perhaps you think this is nuts and you just want to see what happens!

Either way, I want to hear from you! Please take the poll below and let me know if you think I should accept this mission!

If you want to join me on this mission, please ‘follow’ my blog and make contact with me and fill out the form below!

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